DRAIN TABS is a product specifically developed for the use inside Fan-Coils and condensate collection trays.
It prevents and eliminates the putrefaction process and the formation of algae, mucilage, slime and moulds that risk to clog and block condensate drain pipes of A/C systems.

It is sufficient to place the TAB inside the condensate drain duct of the fan-coil or inside the condensate collection tray of the split in the farthest point from the drainage discharge.

Check Demo on Split AC https://youtu.be/C-R_T8-ukRA

The efficacy of the treatment depends on the use of the A/C system, but it is normally of 1 or 2 tablets every 15/20 days for units up to 12.000 Btu/H (3 KW – 1 TONS).

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Open the fan-coil or the Split in order to have access to the tube or the condensate collection trays. Wear the specific personal protective equipment and take out one tab from its packaging. Place the product inside the duct of the fan coil condensate drain or inside of the condensate drain pan of the split at the farthest point from the plumbing, so that the tab can meet the condensate flow. Close the unit and allow it to work normally.


DRAIN TABS has to be used by an experienced operator, provided with the specific personal protective equipment. It is recommended to clean the drains at least once a year with Drizzle, drain tubes Cleaner .

  1. Eliminates the putrefaction process of the condensate

  2. Eliminates the formation of algae, mucilage and moulds

  3. Prevents the clogging of condensate drain pipes