The Environmental System IR-SNIF Multiple Channel Detection (MCD) monitors are “Early Warning” loss detection monitoring systems designed specifically for refrigerants.

IR-SNIF-MCD models are cost effective, self-contained active air-draw sampling systems offering highly reliable Infrared based performance with the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of continuous monitoring applications. These monitors utilize NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared) and pyro-electric (absorptive sensing) technology featuring multi-zone detection point capability from a single field programmable self-contained metal enclosure featuring unique built-in leak wait period that minimizes nuisance false alarms.

The IR-SNIF-MCD multiple channel architecture combines Infrared detection of refrigerants available in single, four, eight and sixteen zone models with remote sensing capabilities for other gasses. With Infrared technology, each zone is capable of monitoring and responding to any one of 22 refrigerants from a standard library via keypad entry at concentration levels as low as one part per million (PPM). The IRSNIF-MCD’S unique four remote transmitter configuration allows it to be a combined gas monitor that senses refrigerants AND any additional gases by a remote sensors such as Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Oxygen and others.

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  1. Infrared sensor technology
  2. Active air draw sampling system
  3. Multiple zones (1, 4, 8, 16 zones)
  4. Sampling distance of 250 ft (500 ft coverage)
  5. Detects all halogen based refrigerants and blends
  6. Multiple channel architecture allows combined multiple gas detection configurations
  7. Factory calibrated-/-automatic electronic re-zeroing w/clean air occurs after every air sample has been tested-/-No field calibration required for Infrared sensor
  8. Four line digital display w/ keypad for programming and operation
  9. Visual indication of alarm levels and system malfunction
  10. Three alarm levels (Four 5 amp contacts per relay)
  11. Separate programmable horn alarm relay
  12. 0-10 vdc analog output
  13. Setup function password protected
  14. Keypad access password protected to prevent tampering
  15. Optional 4-20 ma analog output
  16. Optional individual zone alarm output to indicate alarm in each zone
  17. Optional serial data output: RS 485
  18. Optional Nema 4 enclosure
  19. Optional Halon 1301/FM 200 fire suppression agent detection
  20. Optional four channel analog input for multiple channel detection operation
  21. Optional remote control interface
  22. ETL listed – conforms to UL STD 61010A-1 and CAN/CSA No. 1010.1
  23. Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15
UPC# Descriptions
MCD1  1 Zone, 3 Alarm levels
MCD4  4 Zone, 3 Alarm levels
MCD8  8 Zone, 3 Alarm levels
MCD16 16 Zone, 3 Alarm levels
C-MCD  Custom Configurations
  1. Remote PPM indicator w/reset switch
  2. Remote transmitters: CO, O2, etc.
  3. Strobe light, Horn, Combination strobe/horn
  4. Air-sampling pickup tubing