Brilliant has to be introduced in the vehicle a/c system; at the leak point the product will get out and stand out when lit by a uv lamp. BRILLIANT is the fluorescent leak detector dye to precisely locate the refrigerant gas leaks from vehicle’s A/C systems with R12, R134a, R1234yf & for Electric Compressors. Fluorescent dyes are widely used for locating leaks in A/C systems, however many products on the market contain solvents in which the chromatophores pigments are dissolved. It is a proven fact that these solvents damage the A/C system, being harmful to the materials which make up the majority of the systems and the recovery stations (aluminum, plastic and rubber). In addition, some solvents, such as Aromatic200 and NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone), are carcinogenic and toxic.

On the contrary BRILLIANT is non-toxic and is safe for all the A/C system components as it doesn’t contain solvents. BRILLIANT precisely locates any leak of refrigerant gases thanks to its superior fluorescence which guarantees an immediate indentification when exposed to UV lights.It also complies to SAE J2297 and SAE J2298 standards. BRILLIANT is ideal for preventive maintenance

  1. Precisely locates refrigerant gas leaks

  2. Solvent-free

  3. Conforms to SAE J2297 and SAE J2298

  4. Visible to any UV lamp

  5. Includes advice stickers

  6. Does not clog A/C System or Recovery units

  1. For vehicles A/C systems up to 1,5 kg (3.3 lb) of refrigerant gas: insert 7.5 mL (0.25 fl oz) of BRILLIANT.
  2. Start the engine and the A/C system to the lowest setting.
  3. Inspect the system with a UV lamp.
  4. BRILLIANT will stand out immediately where the leak is located.