1.85 oz. Individually Packaged in Display Box Solderless One Part Copper Bonding

Joins copper, Aluminium & Brass in any combinations.

Rated to 1200 PSI.

  1. Solderless One Part Copper Bonding
  2. Starts to set up in 20 seconds and forms a solid bond in 3 minutes
  3. In 12 minutes the bond will withstand 850psi of refrigerant pressure
  4. Bonding time in 1 minute for aluminum and is set in 4 minutes
  5. Approx. 2 Hours is fully cured and will withstand 1200psiof refrigerant pressure
  6. Compatible with all refrigerants and oils
  7. Use with standard copper or brass fittings
  8. Temperature range after cure: -65°F to 350°F (-54°C to 176°C)
  9. Bonds Copper, Aluminum and Brass in any Combination
  10. Single Part Formula - Easy to Use and No Mixing Required
  11. Bottle lasts Minimum of 12 Months After Opening
  12. Uses Standard ASE Fittings - No Expensive Tools or Special Fittings Required
  13. One Bottle Makes 200 or More Bonds on 1/2 -inch Tubing
  14. Makes the Same Number of Bonds as 1-1/2 Pounds of Braze at Approximately 25% of the Cost of 15% Silver Braze
  15. For all repairs and new installations
  16. Rated to 1200psi and -65°F to 350°F